Is Excel Making you Suffer?

Are you continuously doing manual repetitive Excel tasks? Do you find that you are having to re-format data and reports every time you pull it from a system? Do you find manipulating worksheets painful? I had this same problem! In my first Data Analytical role, I was an Excel novice. I found myself having to manually manipulate worksheets to suit customers needs. On complex reports this could often take days to complete and found this very frustrating and time consuming.
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I Empathise with your Pain!

Manually performing repetitive Excel tasks leads to lost time, boredom and tedious work. This was exactly how I was feeling and was suffering for it! Without automating your spreadsheets you are putting yourself under pressure to complete your work for the deadline. You are doing things the long way round when really there is a quicker solution. You are more likely to make mistakes in your spreadsheets when you are manually working on them. As a result you are making your life more complicated when it really doesn't have to be.
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There is a Solution!

VBA will allow you to automate manual repetitive Excel tasks which will not only save you valuable time but will enable you to become more efficient in your spreadsheets. The Introduction to VBA Macros course will teach you all you need to know on how to create your very first Macro which will automate your spreadsheets with a click of a button! This course will not only teach you to write VBA code but will help you understand what you are writing and why so you can apply it to various different spreadsheets and scenarios.
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The Benefits of Taking the Course

In this comprehensive step by step VBA training course you will learn the following:

  • What is VBA and why people use it

  • How to Record Macros

  • How to eliminate manual repetitive tasks

  • How to automate your spreadsheets

  • How to write your very own VBA code to manipulate worksheets

  • How to make your VBA code more efficient

  • How to execute Macros in different ways

  • How VBA is structured with the Excel Object Model

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Introduction to the VBA Macros Course

    • Welcome!
    • Agenda
    • A Little About The Course Leader
    • Before we begin...
  • 2

    Introduction to VBA

    • What is VBA?
    • Business Use Cases
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of VBA
    • Prerequisites
    • Test your Learning
  • 3

    How to Record a Macro

    • How to Record a Macro - Introduction
    • Recording a Macro (1)
    • Recording a Macro (2)
    • Recording a Macro (3)
    • Recording a Macro Demonstration
    • Test your learning
  • 4

    How to Run Macros

    • How to Run Macros Introduction
    • How to Run a Macro
    • Using the Macro Dialog Box
    • How to Run a Macro Using the Macro Dialog Box Demonstration
    • Using the Visual Basic Editor (1)
    • Using the Visual Basic Editor (2)
    • Using the Visual Basic Editor Demonstration
    • Assign a Macro to a Button
    • Assign a Macro to a Button Demonstration
    • Assigning a Macro to a Shape
    • Assigning a Macro to a Shape Demonstration
    • Test your learning
  • 5

    Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor

    • Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor
    • The Visual Basic Editor Overview
    • The Visual Basic Editor Overview Demonstration
    • Test your learning
  • 6

    Excel Object Model

    • Excel Object Model Introduction
    • Excel Object Model
    • Properties and Methods
    • Excel Object Model Analogy
    • Test your Learning
  • 7

    Creating Simple Macros

    • Creating Simple Macros Introduction
    • Selecting a Range
    • Selecting a Range Demonstration
    • Copy and Paste a Range
    • Copy and Paste a Range Demonstration
    • Copying a Variable Sized Range Introduction
    • Copying a Variable Sized Range
    • Copying a Variable Sized Range Demonstration
    • Selecting a Column in a Data Set
    • Selecting a Column in a Data Set Demonstration
    • Selecting a Row in a Data Set
    • Selecting a Row in a Data Set Demonstration
    • To Make the Data in Column B Bold
    • To Make the Data in Column B Bold Demonstration
    • Select an Entire Column
    • Select an Entire Column Demonstration
    • Select an Entire Row
    • Select an Entire Row Demonstration
    • Moving a Range
    • Moving a Range Demonstration
    • Moving a Range More Efficiently
    • Moving a Range More Efficiently Demonstration
    • Moving a Dynamic Range
    • Moving a Dynamic Range Demonstration
    • Test your Learning
    • Thank You!
    • More Resources for You
    • Before you go...

What you will Learn in this Course

There are seven modules and within each module there are a number engaging step by step video tutorials which includes everything you need to know on how to create your very own Macros to automate your spreadsheets and ultimately to save you time. After each module you will take a test to solidify what you have just learnt.

  • Module 1 - Here you will get the course outline and what will be covered in the course. You will also learn a little about me and why I am qualified to teach you VBA

  • Module 2 - You will learn exactly what is VBA, reasons people use it and the advantages and disadvantages of VBA

  • Module 3 - You will learn to record a Macro. If you are completly new to VBA then this will be your very first glimpse of VBA and understand why it is so powerful

  • Module 4 - You have recorded a Macro but how do you execute it? In this section I will show you various ways to run your Macro

  • Module 5 - In order to become proficient in VBA you need to have an understanding of the Visual Basic Editor. In this module you will learn everything you need to know about the Visual Basic Editor and where to store your VBA code

  • Module 6 - Learning VBA is not just about writing VBA code. You need to have an understanding of what exactly you are writing. In this module I will explain how VBA is structured and introduce the Excel Object Model

  • Module 7 - In this section you will get to write your very own VBA codes! I will give you lots of examples of writing Macros to manipulate worksheet ranges, columns and rows. I will also show you how to write your code more efficiently which means your Macros will run quicker

Bonus Material Included Free!

Free Excel Add-In

  • Advanced VLOOKUP Excel Add-In

    The Advanced VLOOKUP Excel add-in eliminates the limitations of a normal Excel VLOOKUP function. One of the limitations of the VLOOKUP function is that it only extracts the first value from a lookup table even though there may be more values to extract from the lookup value. This add-in will extract the second, third, fourth and so on values from the lookup table. Another limitation of the Excel VLOOKUP function is that the look up value must be on the left most column of the lookup table so you have to re-organise your table for the VLOOKUP function to work. With the Advanced VLOOKUP Excel add-in you can do a VLOOKUP even if the lookup value is not in the left most column in the table. The Advanced VLOOKUP Excel Add-in is created in VBA and will save you time and effort to extract values from your data set and it is yours FREE if you purchase this course!


Barry Couchman - Business Solutions Manager

The Introduction to the VBA Macros course was taught on the premises of a large global organisation in the UK. Staff from multiple departments at Daventry gather in the meeting room for the VBA training session run by Harjit Suman. The session was a useful introduction to automating MS Office operations that will help to reduce repetitive tasks and save time processing regular reports. The delivery from Harjit was well paced and the content pitched at just the right level for the assembled newcomers to the application. Thanks Harjit, great job!

Jade Nooney - Supply Chain Co-Ordinator

It was a brilliant session, thanks Harjit!!!


The Course Teacher

Harjit Suman

Excel & VBA Instructor

Harjit Suman

Hi I'm Harjit. I am an Excel and VBA instructor and an Excel Consultant with over 10 years experience using Excel and VBA. I have helped organisations with their spreadsheet work which includes manipulating data sets, dashboard creation, creating advanced Excel formulas and creating powerful Excel applications in VBA to streamline their work processes. I started to learn Excel in my first analytical role. I wasn't very good at Excel in the beginning and I found that it was taking me ages to do simple Excel tasks. I knew there must be simpler ways to perform these tasks but didn't know how! I started to buy Excel books and read them in the evenings and weekends. I started to realise the true potential of Excel and learning it became a passion to me and not a job. Once I became an advanced Excel user and started to streamline my work processes I wanted to take my skills to the next level and learn VBA. I bought my first beginners VBA book and practiced writing my own Macros. I then bought more advanced books and started to build more powerful Excel applications, not just for myself, but for other work colleagues in different departments of the organisation. I became the go to person in Excel! I now want to pass on the knowledge I have built up over the years to you to make your life easier like it has for me. I have trained many individuals in Excel and VBA to help take their Excel skills to the next level. I have taught my course, 'Introduction to VBA Macros' to a large global organisation to people from different business units so they can improve their efficiency and save time in their work. I have also written Excel tutorials in my blogs which are catered for the beginners, intermediate and advanced users of Excel in my website Excel Master Consultant ( Please do check it out. I believe the secret to teaching a technical subject such as Excel and VBA is to use simple language and to break down each topic into step by step instructions so that beginners can understand it. I also like to provide plenty of examples and video demonstrations so that learners can follow along easily. I look forward to teaching you in my classes.


  • Is this course aimed for beginners?

    Yes this course is created specifically with beginners in mind

  • Do I need prior knowledge of VBA to take this course?

    This course is aimed for the beginners and no prior knowledge of VBA is required to take this course

  • Will I learn how to write VBA code?

    Yes. In module 7 there are video demonstrations of how to write VBA code to manipulate worksheet ranges, rows and columns

  • I am new to Excel. Can I take this course?

    It is recommended that you are an intermediate or advanced Excel user to get the best out of this course

  • Which Excel version should I have to take the course?

    It is recommended that you have Excel 2010 onwards

  • Is there a test?

    At the end of each module there is a test for you to take to help solidify what you have just learnt

  • Is there any theory in the course?

    The course is a mixture of theory and practical examples. The theory is important to learn so you have more knowledge and understanding of what VBA code you are writing and how you can apply it to different scenarios

How Much is the Course?

Buy The Introduction to VBA Macros course for only £250 by clicking the button below and start automating your Excel work to save you time

Who this Course is For?

  • Anybody who wants to automate their spreadsheets

  • You are an Excel user but want to take your skills to the next level

  • Anybody who works with data sets in Excel

  • Intermediate or advanced Excel users

Learn from me or Google?

Learning from a structured course like this one is the best way to learn a technical subject like VBA. I know people that have tried to learn from Google, which is fine but there are major flaws in this method. The first is that you don't really understand what the VBA code is doing. You can copy and paste the code but it might work for one scenario and not for another. My course will help you understand what you are actually writing and why it will work in different scenarios. The second flaw of learning from Google is that there is no structure in what you are learning. A beginner can feel overwhelmed by what they are reading or watching. My course is structured with the beginner in mind so they feel comfortable throughout the course and get to build on their knowledge after each module.
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